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Because every business is different, AZee has a variety of POS options to help you take yours where you want it to go. Whether you sell retail goods, run a restaurant, sell clothes, shoes shop, icecream parlor, books or just need a versatile POS for whatever comes next, we have the point-of-sale software that will best support you and your unique business needs. Our POS system supports value-added tax and contains many modules that cover all aspects of business such as forward sales, inventory, procurement and accounting. It also includes a wide range of reports and a dashboard that reflects key performance indicators.

Our Modules

dashboard for quick daily reports

AZee dashboard enables you to have a quick view of all the important reports on daily basis. Like your gross profit, sales and inventory value which helps you to know the status of your business. In addition, you can view the top 5 receivable customers and payable suppliers, top 5 profitable departments and items which will definitely help you in some serious decision making to improve your business strategies and reach the maximum profit margin.


The most critical part of your business is been handled in a very easy way by our POS software. Weather be it decision making of product purchase or selling price according to the cost price of items. The simplest form of item and department management enables you the arrange the products in a simplifies manner to get the exact desired reports. Branch management is available to receive and transfer items between you other branches.


Our software handles cashier shifts in a very effective and strong way so as to keep track of cash/card flow between cashier and customer. Our end-of-day feature summarizes the transaction of all the occurring events, like sales, returns, vendor payment, customer payment, and daily gross profit. The dashboard gets you a quick look of cash available with cashier, todays sales, returns, credits, customer payments and many other things.


Keeping track of supplier's due amount is one of the most important features and it is handled in a very effective way. The dashboard displays a quick view of all summaries of transactions with the supplier. Procurement, Shortage and Returns Reports help in deciding what type and quantity of goods to purchase.


Accounts are automatically linked with other modules. Sales, purchase, and all related financial transactions are automatically combined with the accounts after the invoice is posted. A standard chart of accounts already prepared to organize your accounts optimally.

Customer's (CRM)

A CRM tool that’s tied to our software lets you see what your customers bought and when they bought it. This knowledge helps you personalize your communications, marketing, and customer service. With a loyalty-points module integrated in our system you can attract more customers towards your store which results in the increase of sales and turnover of your store. On dashboard you can have a quick view of your customers’ current status.

POS Sales

With a very beautiful look and simplified features of our cashier screen the product selling becomes very fast and easy. Invoice’s reprint, return items, change selling qty, customer handling, screen lock, open cashdrawer, change price of items, shift between piece-cartoon, direct item entry and many other features can be handled by cashier on permission basis. One customer invoice can be put on hold and attend other customers without any disturbance. Even supplier's payment can be done by cashier from the cashier screen.

Customer Display

Promotions defined in the software are displayed on-screen in a very attractive way. Each and every scanned item will be displayed with the total amount to pay. After payment the display will be showing the payment method with amount of change to be returned to customer. The customer screen definitely will help you in attracting more customers towards your store.

Online Updates

online software updates frequently contain improvements and new features. You will get all the updates for free after purchasing our software and the store is having an internet connection. Whenever any new update is available the software will automatically notify you about this on your login screen. Just click on the hyper-link and your system will we having our latest software version


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Branch Management

Inventory Section

Cashier Shift Management

End-Of-Day Summary

Item Promotions

Customer Management

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Supplier's Due Amount

User Management

User Permissions

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